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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Yet again, Sodwana

Well we just can't leave. It is fantastic here. This morning on the way to the ablutions I saw a red duiker and at night we are surrounded by fire flies. The boys love the fireflies and the sun set so early that we are all ready for bed by 8 o'clock.
Today we bought a beach permit so that we could drive to 9mile. They only issue 10 permits a day, this is to prevent damage being done to the shoreline. They are very strict, we had to be back 3 hours after low tide cause we were not allowed to drive above the high water mark. This is great as it prevents damage being done to the turtles nests. [these are above the high water mark]

Thomas and Oliver both really enjoyed the beach and the rock pools. The ocean here is crystal clear and the fish and shells are beautiful. Wish I could live here forever. Never the less the time has come and tomorrow we leave. Our tent is packed so we will get to leave early. [well capetown time!]

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