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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Albert Falls

Yesterday we arrived at Albert Falls camp site. It is spectacular [ok amazing] to be able to camp surrounded by wild animals. On arrival we saw zebra,nyala buck,kudu, giraffe, bugs oh and did I mention bugs. There are millions of miggies, they are harmless but pass in a cloud. [best to keep your mouth closed!!]

Today we visited Howick Falls.The falls are magnificant but I was bitterly disappointed at the pollution in the river upstream. Littering and dumping seems to be a serious problem in this province. Viva la Democratic Party rule of Western Cape!

After the falls we meandered to the midlands meander. Boy did we get lost!!!!! Finally at 2o'clock we found the meander and most places close at 4o'clock here! We will return there tomorrow in the hope of finding so great places to visit.
But we did manage to visit the Wood Turner, Shuttleworth Weaving and The Lavender co.

All it all we had a rainy miserable day but It ended with all of us smiling. Poor Oliver it rained on His birthday!! Saterday we have a 'party' planned for him.

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Britt said...

Wow , Hope Oliver has a wonderful Birthday party tomorrow. Your Holiday seems fantastic. We are glad you are enjoying yourselves.
love from Britt, Adrian, Gina and Callum

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