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Monday, 15 October 2007

Still in Sodwana

Dad left yesterday but we decided to stay on of a few days.Im still very busy with basket weaving. I finished my first and now am busy with my second. I also decided to teach Pinkie to weave on a backstrap loom. Pinky is a local Zulu who we employ to stop the monkeys from breaking the tent and caravan. The monkeys are vicious and once they discover food they move-in in mass and can even attack the children. They break the windows and mess everywhere. Of course it is us humans that have created this problem by origionally feeding them and thinking of them as camp pets.

Anyway the plants here are great. Several species I recognise as we planted them on our farm. Most of the plants have no flowers but every so often I see a beautiful flower. The soil here is littered with wild jasmine flowers. The subtle scent is everywhere.

Bathing the boys here is easiest done in a plastic bath, a bit small but atleast Oliver can fit in it. Thomas just gets a sponge wash.

Yesterday we collected great shells on the beach. The kids love the beach

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