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Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Day 3

Today we left Bloemfontien and headed to the Maluti route. This is a road that runs parrallel to the Lesotho Border. We passed Ficksburg and stopped in Fouriesburg. Here I bought the most amazing boobie mama and baba doll. Well I cant explain it, so I will post a picture and two tealight hand carved sandstone holders.
We stopped for lunch in Clarens. This is a beautiful town but to stylised for my liking. Bought a book here to read, wanted to get Ishmael but got the sequel. Not what I wanted but at least Im reading.Its called 'TALES OF ADAM'
After Clarens we drove through the Golden Gate [see picture]. Wow... it is really beautiful. Can you imagine that it is a National Game park and the Zebra, buck, horses, cows and their herdsmen all walk together. How do the domestic animals and their herdsmen get permanent residence in a national game park? mmmm We want to live there!! Maybe we should buy some of the resident cows and then get userfruct by default!!!
Actually we only saw two herdsmens houses, I wondered if there are lions in the park. Whew I would be scared to sleep.
Tonight we sleep at Midmar dam and will leave early in the morning.

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