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Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Day 2

What a day...We look a drive up the Molteno pass to the snow. Ironically 'Die Swart Berge was speer wit' It was beautiful [I will try to post a pic later]Karl built a snow man and Thomas collected snow and sand to take home [?] to make mud in his sand pit. I loved the artistic formations so I took a short walk. Oliver's joy was weeing on the snow to melt it. He even wanted this occasion photographed- so I did!! We finally left at 12:00 and drove into very strong winds. The car overheated badly, but we were blessed enough to realise before we did damage. We stopped a while, replaced the water [have 25 l with us] and then just drove very slowly [80km/h]. Then hooray the wind changed to behind us. We used this time to make up speed [120km/h]and finally at 19hoo we arrived in Bloemfontein. Just outside Bloemfontein there was alot thunder but the sky's were clear where we camped. We leave here in the next hour and head for Clarens and Golden Gate. The weather seems to becoming warmer and well this is great news for camping and beaching!
mmm...I wonder why people live in Bloemfontien? Karl says it must be for all the sunflowers! :-)

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Donnette said...

Hey hunny, what stunning pictures, hope we can get together in a few days here in Makhathinitown... sorry you drove past without popping in...mmmm

I joined technorati and found you there... Next thng for you to do is join stumbled upon... it's great networking and gives a chance to review great sites... In fact I will review your blog now :) so join to read the review... also go pop yourself on my map

You can find me on stumbled upon donnett64

I can check to see if you've been hehehehe

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