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Monday, 08 October 2007

Our holiday -chaos to joy

Can you imagine... after struggling to leave home [8hrs late] we then got stuck on the road with road works for atleast and hour if not two. We had no idea where to sleep except that there is a camp site in Beautfort West. So we drove until 22h40 to get here only to find that the camp site had been converted into a mall -yuck-
But we were is in great spirits because we drove through snow!!! yes just outside Lainsburgs we drove through snow... We were also directed to the Karoo National Park for accommodation. Hoorah!!! The camp is 7km of the main road and is a haven! [for animals and us] I woke up to discover that there is snow on the mountians close to us. We are so excited...we will take a drive through the park and then leave for the next destination. To think..we would never have chosen to stay here but yet here we are and feeling so blessed. How often I find that when I expect nothing I am always so happy with my discoveries.
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