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Saturday, 02 May 2009

!Khwa ttu

!Khwa ttu is so worth the visit. On arrival we met a young orphaned San man who's life will be good because of his connection to !Khwa ttu. He is 15 yrs old and speaks 3 languages and hopes to become a tour guide.

Here is is holding HOPE. [and he is hope - :-)]

The HS outing to !Khwa ttu was unfortunately cancelled very late on the day and we had decided to be early, so we got there as the outing was being cancelled.

Terri and I had travelled together so we decided to enjoy the location and show the kids the photo gallery, craft shop and the manager put on a DVD that detailed that hunting techniques used by the San people. It showed the children the importance of the animal tracks and how the San people become so in tune with the animal they are hunting that they start 'being' the animal. VERY FASCINATING!

As we were leaving, Terri stopped the car are suggested to the kids they look for springbok tracks - Zooooooom they were out the car and up to the challenge. Caleb [the adventure seeker... ] was in the lead and followed some tracks until.....

Yes! He found a dead springbok..... [So what are the odds on that happening?]

Mike the manager inspected the find and confirmed that it had been dead for about a week [poooo... it sure smelt like it!] and then he removed the horns for the children. He then spent time with the children showing them how the termites build their clever nests.

The day was better than we could have hoped for and it was so nice to be there with friends.


suzanne said...

Hi Carle'

Don't you just feel so fantastic after a day like that..My children would have loved being there. We will have to put that on our to do list when we visit the Cape. Hope you are all well..


Linda said...

What a wonderful learning experience Carle'!

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

What a cool trip. I love the traveling Hope doll-- what a wonderful idea!!

Someday I hope to make it to Africa. Senegal and Malawi are 2 countries on the top of my "places to visit" list!

The Greaves family said...

Sounds like a lovely day despite failed plans. Is the white on the ground in the photos sand? I have not seen such white sand in SA before, very interesting. I hope we will get to the Cape to show the children when they're a bit older. Have to scrape some finances together first...

themagiconions said...

Amazing how unexpected twists lead us to even better places than we meant to go in the first place. Your day reminds me to let life unfold rather than always trying to control everything... thanks!

picperfic said...

are they all your children? So very beautiful! Looks like you have a wonderful life, what lucky lucky children!

picperfic said...

I followed the link to the story of Hope and I am in tears here...what a moving story and so very beautiful. I feel honoured to have made your acquaintance!

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