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Wednesday, 08 April 2009


Yesterday we collected Hope from Customs and brought her home to meet Thandi, the orphan that will live with Hope. [ nice pun!].

She was dressed for a snow storm so we changed her into summer clothes.

Nolundi fell in love with her and rocked her for a bit. :-)

Oh my she is so special... Read about her here - TRAVELLING HOPE
I then took her to the village were Alta's daughter cuddled her and then started to cry big splashy tears from her huge brown eyes. She gave her back with my promise that Hope could spend some time with her.


Sarah said...

What a very sweet idea!

Angela Mobley said...

That is wonderful! Found your blog while rambling the net...I keep bees too...and teach handwork...I too am in love with natural dyeing....just wanted to wave hello to a kindred...

Angela Mobley said...

oh, and do you mind if I publicly follow your blog??? (probably should have asked before I did on my blog...)

Greg Ashley Cooper said... not

- Greg

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