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Monday, 01 December 2008

Learning through Imitation

On the right is the leaf pocket gnome that I felted for Thomas and gave to him for advent. Next to it is the companion he made for it.

He is so supple, and uses he feet to hold his needle felting sponge in place.


suzanne said...

Hi Carle

Love the foot. Too cute. I let liv use my sponge too. The other day I found 2 needles burried inside. Guess my sponge is too thick. Not too sure if she knew what gobbled them up...shame. I too love their imitation. Happy felting Thomas.

XX Suez

RunninL8 said...

Zoiks!! Watch those toes! Isn't it great to see them so in tune and interested in the things we do?!
That little leaf gnome is so cute!
Hey, Another question about shrooms and lathes. If i wanted to learn to turn small bowls and shroomies what Brand (and size?) lathe would you recommend? And on a budget? And what other questions about lathes should I be asking?!?
Thanks for any info!

Carle said...

Hi Suez,
Thonas has broken a needle already, but I dont mind, it part of the experience. I let him only use the fine needle cause it is easier to work with. [shorter so less chance of hitting the floor and becomming blunt and less barbs so easier to felt with]

Hi RunninL8,

mm so why is that your google ID? Yeah Im nosey..LOL
So to answer your lathe questions..
I think that the brands vary from country to country so I would suggest to chat to a hardware store [preferably the small, owner managed type] and ask them for the details for the nearest wood turning guild/club. Our club in the cape has lathes available for members to use. SO for a nominal cost you might be able to go there once a week to be taught and make items. I find that the older men are always happy to teach and share ideas just to keep their craft going. [Here we dont have to pay for the use of the lathes, we just had to join the guild]

Hope this helps you,

Do you still wnat a brand suggestion? I will ask Karl and let you know..

Have a lovely day everyone


RunninL8 said...

Hey thanks for the info-I'm going to look into a guild right now! If you could also suggest a brand, etc, that would be great, too. No hurries.
RunninL8-because I'm always running late! Due to my Attention Deficit Disorder.

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