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Friday, 19 September 2008

Can a chicken be a fibre artist?

This is Angelina, she came from the local church bizaar with a birth certificate stating she was born on 1 Sept and weighed 2,1g. We enjoy hens on the farm so bought her for Oliver as we left the lady said, "Oh, by the way, Angelina is a black Ostrolop [sp] rooster." EEEEEKKKK did she say ROOSTER? Who names a rooster Angelina? oh well to late! On the up side, we suspect she did not know anything about Angelina because Angelina is growing white feathers... so maybe, just maybe, Angelina will be a hen.

After taking this picture I picked up my needle felting and started jab away at my needle felted mama. Angeline was so excited, she jump from Olli to my couch and came to peck my work. She must have thought I was a chicken eaten wool, OR she is a highly gifted and talented chicken artist. [Watch my Etsy space for her creations - LOL]

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