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Sunday, 21 September 2008

The birds, the boys and the bees

Today we caught 6 bee swarms, how cool is that! Oliver went with Karl to watch a swarm move into a hive. Once he was bored he walked back to the house with me, then suddenly he stopped looked at a flower and said "Look mommy, the bees must still polish this one"

He is so amusing, even when he is serious. I guess he meant to say Polinate!

Karl found a baby Fiscal Shrike in the garden, It does not have its tail feathers yet so we will keep it and help it grow. Angelina [the baby chicken]is so excited , he/she looks out of her cage into his and I can almost hear the conversation

"So what are you in prison for"

"Erm, I impailed a grasshopper on an acacia thorn, and you?"
"Im not sure, I think my cage it the orphanage!"

FYI - Fiscal Shrikes kill insects by impailing them on sharp thorns or barbs. We see it often on the farm on the Acacia Tree thorns. If you did not know this then you need to visit us to see.

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Amber Cardozo said...

Hello there,

I did see your little chicken. So cute and so is the little man she is resting on.
They are such amazing little creatures.

Yoko is so very loved. We love having her here.

Take care

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