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Saturday, 07 June 2008

The milkery down the road -

This is a huge milking parlour and the cows here are really just big mammary glands.

This cow has just finished with the milking process, the holes in the teats take 20-30 minutes to close after each milking.

The cow view in the rotating factory. They walk on on the one side, rotate once around and then exit 2m short of the entry point.

This is the entry point on the left of the photo.

Erm, this reminds me of me and my greatest friend Britt, who after 3 years of breast feeding still has great, well shaped breasts. Im the unfortunate cow on the left with soccer balls! LOL!

Well at least my breast don't look like this! LOL

Seriously - Their teats are dipped in a wax to prevent them get dirt inside the holes when they lie down. The entire process is so unnatural, they are milked 3 times a day 05h00, 12H00 and 19H00 and some produce over 50 l a day. Whew... I looked into the eyes of the cows I felt this sad sense of them just following the motions, somewhat like Karl does when he goes to work every day. Not really wanting to, but knowing that there is no real choice. Not many of us get to live like Ferdinand did well not yet ! [read Munro Leaf - Ferdinand ]

Karl and Oliver - Thomas did not want to be in the photo

Ready to be shipped to the large corporates that get to determine the price!

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RunninL8 said...

wouldn't it be great to be a cow?
That is just such an unnatural environment. I mean spiritually/energetically as well.
Poor things. I gotta find some better alternative...

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