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Saturday, 07 June 2008

Cows milk comming up

4 Weeks ago the vet came to check if Daisy [yeh I know corny! But heck every farm needs a Daisy], So As I was saying, the vet came to check if Daisy is ready for AI. Unfortunately we cant get her covered naturally, so the vet stuck his hand up her anus to feel her ovaries and informed us that she will be ripe in 2 weeks. [roughly the 25th of May]

Well on the 22nd of May she start to cry for a bull so the next morning the the AI expert from Kliphewel Plaas came. As he gets ready, Fern, baby and Heidi came to see what they could eat! Fernie is on the right hand side of the photo

Daisy was positioned in the crush while Madida held the tail up and Themba was amused by the process.

In the following closeup you can see his hand up her anus, guiding the 40cm long sperm loaded metal rod up her female reproductive organs. Shame I felt quite sorry for her.

Now we wait for 6 weeks to get confirmation that it was successful. The expert did say that she had not ovulated yet but was ripe.

Ooooh I hope it worked - I cant wait to produce my own butter!

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BChsMamaof3 said...

This is really interesting!! I really want a milk cow and have been debating over whether or not to raise a calf on up to breeding age or buy a cow already producing milk. Personally I would love to raise it from a baby so it really knows us and we know exactly what it has been eating! You can't guarantee what the other fellow did unless you know them well :) We don't have a bull though and have been reading a little about the artificial insemination procedure and am thinking that this might be the route we take. Is it expensive to have done? And we have had a 'Daisy' cow to *grin*
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