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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Our hearts garden

Thomas - His interpretation of the poem

The Heart
The heart is a garden where thought flowers grow
The thoughts that we think are seeds that we sow.
Each kind, loving thought bears a kind, loving deed
While the thought that is selfish is just like a weed.
We must watch what we think each moment, all day
And pull out the weed thoughts and throw them away.
And plant-loving seed thoughts so thick in a row
There will not be room for weed thoughts to grow.
- unknown

This poem is great, and have been so eager to read it with Thomas. He usually responds badly to poetry and song, but he really liked this one. [Hooray - this feels like a milestone]
After the reading my boys chatted with each other about the seeds they would sow. Thomas said he would plant yellow sunflowers [amazing], while Oliver was focused on Purple. [so cute!]
I then read the poem several more times while we quietly sat and drew our gardens. Thomas is really into brown at the moment. I find it quite dull but he says it is beautiful and is the colour of wood! I guess he is right, I just really wanted to see colourful flowers.

My doodle is just a doodle. Please - no art critics allowed LOL

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