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Friday, 22 February 2008

The Farm Fire

Here is a good reason to stop smoking!

Karl trying to help the wetlands and stop it burning further. the wetlands is the last of the local natural green belt and is filled with small animals and wild plants and bulbs.
Farmers trying to protect their lands - riding in the smoke!
My boys love the tractor photos :-) [weak smile]
The sunset in the aftermath - Its good to know that tomorrow life will being all fresh and new.

I used this opportunity to explain what the wild animal do when faced with fire. I will read a book tonight on the animals of farthingwood [sp?]


Poppy & Mei said...

Yep. This is an all too familiar sight in Oz aswell.
It helps to remember that some plant species need fire to go on but that's hard to swallow if your life is being threatened!
Stay safe...Xxx

Carle said...

Yeah, sure! The problem is our fynbos [proteas, erica etc.] do need to burn, but the fires are to frequent, the plants cant regenerate at the speed that the lands are burning. Anyway, my love [Karl] was my hero!

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