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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bye Bye Charlie Brown

After Charlie Brown escaping almost 3 weeks ago he finally had to be caught. After a lot of concern and patience he was finally caught. He was exhausted and very traumatised. :-(

The local horse breeder [AKA the cowboy] was worried that his R20 000 Paint horses would breed with my R50 donkey LOL! Anyway he came and caught Charlie Brown with the understanding that Charlie brown could not continue living here.
We are happy to let him go, he will now live in a herd and be free. This of course was always our wish for him. We had rescued him from becoming canned dog food, but had been able to connect with him, he was to wild and traumatised but also very lonely.

So Bye Bye Charlie Brown. We wish you well.

PS do you have a knitted/ felt donkey pattern? My boys are asking for a replacement pet... and I thought it would be cheaper to knit/sew a toy than to buy my next animal of choice. [an Alpaca R30 000 - ouch]

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Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

OH...this made me so sad...he is so cute! I fell in love with donkeys about 18 years ago when I was living in Cairo and there was a donkey on every street corner pulling carts, etc...they used to wake me up every morning and I would give them treats on my way to university. - Kristie

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