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Tuesday, 02 October 2007

bread baking

Well in this family we love fresh bread. So at Karls suggestion I am now recording my recipe. Here it is:
200g Rye flour
200g first grinding of stoneground flour
100g White stoneground flour
[Of course you can use 500g of any flour]
10g DRY yeast
salt, preferably hand harvested with all nutrients intact [shake,shake,shake]
60g mixed seeds [omega3 and 6 source- pumpkin,sunflower,linseed] yum yum!

250g Boiling water
250g Cold Water
30-60g molasses or honey
15-30 extra virgin olive oil

Mix the 2 bowls together.
oil a bread tin [with olive oil of course]
pour in, sprinkle seeds on top and leave for 10 minutes.
Bake at 180-200'c for 55 to 60min

Once baked I usually leave it in the tin for 5-10min to cool before removing so that it does not break.

According to Guy there is nothing better that hot bread and butter, although I dont think he has eaten it for years [well if he has, he not admitting it!!]

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