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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Loras Garden

Today is for remembering a beekeeper. I planted this Dahlia [that Thomas selected] I my vegetable garden. It should bloom in the new year. How special it will be...To me it looks like the sunshine.


Donnette said...

Aaah hi hunny, let me be the first to pop my head in and say hello and admire your blog... mmmm no pictures of you and the boys... unless I'm missin' something... Hugsssssssssssssss

Norma said...

Please accept my praise for your blog. I will read it often.
The Dahlia is beautiful! I see why it reminds you of sunshine.

Jessie said...

I am going to try to comment again and hope this goes through (fingers crossed)
Thank you for planting these beautiful flowers in memory of Lora. I shared on Sunday at her memorial at Angelic Organics in Caledonia, IL, that her love had spread as far as South Africa and that flowers are being planted for her there. It touched and inspired all the people there that had been so touched and inspired by her life.
Lora's spirit is very much alive at the farm and in all who knew her. Her light shines more brightly than ever.

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