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Monday, 30 August 2010

Karls new Crankenstein

Karl brews beer from malted barley and needed a new crankenstien, so with the help of my oh-so-loved paypal, we managed to order the metal mechanism.

We were somewhat disappointed that it came with no bracket, but Karl being the great woodworker he is, set Sunday aside and created this masterpiece..

The Yellow wood bowl holds the malted barley while the drill drives the shaft that turns the crushing unit.

A bowl or bucket underneath catches all the crushed bits.

His design is simple, well made and attractive. Look that the lovely scoop he turned!

Here the drill connects to the crakenstein shaft.

A peek inside the bowl at the mechanism with a few remaining bits of barley.

He used a piece of leather thong and wood to secure the drill to the unit and under the drill is a piece of leather fashioned into a mini mattress.

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