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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Im so lucky!

Look what I won in an awesome giveaway. Holly was so great, she was happy to ship internationally and she gav me so many extra goodies that I never expected.

Thanks Holly, Im now off to stash it on ravelry. I hope you have your yarns listed there. :)


Linda said...

Lucky You! :)

Nixie said...

Hi Carle
This is not a comment but a question - you mentioned to me at the puppet theatre that you were running a dyeing workshop on 6/7 Feb. I have another guild member I was telling about it who also seemed interested. where do I find info about it? Cannot get your email address off the other computer as my hubby needs to get it connected for me...
Look forward to seeing your newspaper wool!
See you on the 16th.
Nikki said...

Very cool! What a lucky gal! Enjoy:-)

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