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Monday, 12 October 2009

Thomas turns 7

Thomas turned 7 and spent the day in Kommetjie with his Ouma and Oupa. Ouma baked a special cowboy themed cake, he was so excited , look at his face. ...

He wore his crown the whole day and we called him King Thomas.

His great gifts included stockmars, a homemade fishing rod and bow and arrow set, a knitted dinosaur made by me [that had to have an open mouth!] , a new wooden breakfast bowl made by dad.
His first 7 years have now passed and the next phase of his life is about to begin, I hope it is as easy as the first.
He is my special kind and loving child, we feel blessed to have him in our life


asti said...

Happy Birthday Thomas ! It looks like you had a wonderful day. I love the dinosaur and the yummy cake !

softearthart said...

Hi from New Zealand, what a lovely crown. Festive greetings , I will have a summer Christmas , cheers Marie said...

Love the cake! Very sweet:-)

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