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Monday, 07 September 2009

Mitten Pattern

I have been really slow at blogging the pattern, but the reason is, I make up patterns so when I need to write it down it is like "reinventing the wheel" :-)

But here is it [finally]
Important notes:
Use 5mm needles to cast on and cast off.
Knit with 4mm needles


A photo of mittens in Garter stitch can be seen on Natural Suburbia and were knitted by Lindas daughter Erin.

Cast on 36 stitches
rib for 5 rows
knit 25 rows
increase 4 stitches evenly on row 26
knit 10 rows
increase 4 stitches evenly on row 37
knit 5 rows
knit 16 stitches, slip next 12 onto a holder, cast on 5 stitches and knit the remaining 16 stitches.
rib for 5 rows
Cast off
Postition the 12 stitches back onto the needles and pick up 5 stitches [the back of the 5 you cast on]
rib for 5 rows then cast off

sew up the sides and then knit the second mitten.
I knitted my pair on circular needles so the result is somewhat different but the principle is the same. I used on bits of naturaly dyed wools and love the effect. Oliver one [blue mitten] was knitted with 4 stitches less on the body. The thumb remained the same.


L'Atelier said...

they are really cool! thanks for sharing the pattern :D

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I am very much looking forward to trying this pattern someday. And yours in the picture are so beautiful!

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