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Monday, 01 June 2009

Knitted Poncho

I decided to use up all my bits of naturally dyed wool and knit a poncho, but alas, I still have a medium sized basket FULL of 5g-50g balls. :-)

So warm and wonderful! Im living in it..... erm..... while.... erm...... I spin enough black alpaca and coloured silk hankies to knit another one...

So watch this space.



Anonymous said...

Naturally dyed colors just fit together, what a lovely poncho!

caracolina said...


OzWeaver said...

Great looking poncho! I imagine your black alpaca/silk hankie handspun one will also be beautiful!

Alison said...

Dearest Carle'

I feel touched by our meeting yesterday and believe that our roads were destined to cross.

Thank you for your warmth, compassion and kindness...for listening to my story and for sharing my pain. You and Oliver were like rays of sunshine on a dark and cloudy day.

Your blog is beautiful :-)

Mom of Daniel (02/03/2005 - 06/01/2009)

Tan Family said...

Wow! This is gorgeous. :)

Wendy said...

Seeing this makes me wish I could knit! Well done...and our socks are great!

picperfic said...

Oh now that is beautiful! I love your shelves full of interesting things...think I need to get in the package myself and be delivered straight to your home for a nosey!

BirchLeaf Designs said...

Holy smokes! Your poncho in so stunningly beautiful! I love all the colors you chose! Good Knitting Carle'!

Cadi said...

How amazing! This poncho is so, so pretty!

wonderlust said...

I like your poncho especially the neck style.I love crocheting and was looking for the neck pattern while ago.

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