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Tuesday, 03 February 2009

Good bye

Good Bye Aunty Margeret,

Thank you for being my godmother and always remembering me,

Thank you for being so kind and genuine with your love,

Thank you for doing what you wanted and not what society expected,
You were a woman of great strength!

I appreciated you more than I ever showed. Hope you liked the candle we burnt for Candlemas in honour of you last night.

Much Love and Light


[PS - Thank you for introducing me to the world of hand craft, whenever I knit in the car and people look at me, I remember that you did it and then I feel proud - but I guess you know that now]


Linda said...

Sending love and light to you my friend....

Tammy said...

My condolances and thoughts are with you. I recently lost a loved one, too. It is hard, but it is good to have lovely memories.

suzanne said...

Sending love and warm comfort...


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