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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Natural Dyes

Wondering were I have been?
In the country side and in my kitchen. Here are some of the results, these are have been sold to the Constantia Waldorf School. I still have more but am first choosing some for my personal stock. [yeah - like I need more wool!!!! :-) ]

Madder, Cochineal, Wilde dagga, various Lichen, various Mushroom, Lantana, Garri gum

Eye Candy for Lindiloo :-)


Linda said...

Oh my goodness!! These are wonderful. Ok, now which ones can I buy?(LOL)xx

suzanne said...

Hi Carle

Mmmmm...Looks very knittable...
From the other
wool gatherer ...Suez

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Which one is lantana? It is a noxious weed over here, it is lovely to think it might make a gorgeous dye instead.

Crunchy Annie said...

Oh these are stunning!!! Please let me know when you have some to sell.
Are you going to blog the dye process, I am sure we could all learn tons from you!!! :-)

Carle' said...

HI Everyone, thanks for the great comments....mmm lets see

Lulu - the next pictures will be of skeins for sale. LOL

Suez - YOur blog is looking great. :-)

Myartemismoon - Lantana leaves give a great butter yellow [not photographed] with Alum and a dark bottle green with ferrous sulphate. [bottom left second skein] The ratio is 400g leaves to 100 grames wool [4/1]. Lantana is a weed here so it is a perfect use for this plant. Hope you dye some soon..... Im watching your space! :-)

Hi Annie - yeah I know, I need to blog the instructions! I will, I will, I will......

Have a great day everyone.


Kelly said...

What vibrant colours! Natural dyeing is so rewarding and sometimes full of surprises!

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