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Wednesday, 08 October 2008

Rainbow Dancer [in the rain]

Rainbow Dancer went on her first train ride and was carried to the scratch patch in true African style.

Arent those piggie tails sooooo cute!


Linda said...

Oh Carle', lovely!!!

Mama Randa Morning Glory said...

very cute picture!

Some women from the Unitarian Fellowship that we are part of are involved with a village in Zambia-- they have built and maintained an AIDS clinic, provided school supplies and children's clothing for the community, and built a home for street kids. Anyway, I recently saw a photo of a young child there (a year or old) hanging from a tree in what looked to be just a pillowcase with holes cut out of the corners for the legs to dangle from-- I thought it was absolutely ingenious!

Carle said...

Goodness me that is amazing! [Best we dont tell Thomas, cause then all my pillowcases will go missing! LOL

Nicole Adrianne said...

love the doll. really cute.

Nicole Adrianne said...

love the doll. too cute!

Crunchy Annie said...

Carle, Rainbow Dancer is just precious!!!! Please share how you did her hair. i am starting to make a doll for Storm, but the hair has me stumped and yours is lovely.

Carle' said...

Hi Annie,

Sure I can explain to you.

First I crochet a fitted 'cap' to the size of the head that will be cover with hair. It was crocheted into a cirle with a slight dome shape. the I marked the parting with a bright wool. Then knot wool on using a crochet needle onto evey second stitch. Remember to knot so that the hair falls in the correct direction from the parting. Once finished, if the hair is to thin, then you can add additional threads.

Hope this makes sense..


Earthmama said...

Cool thanks Carle, will try it :-)
(In case you are wondering Earthmama is me, I changed my e-mail in blogger and had to set up a whole new account to do it)

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