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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Good use for a stinky weed!

We have tons of this on the farm and the smell turns me off, BUT the colour it yields is so pretty that I am willing to suffer in silence. [and I doubt the fish moth will ever attack it!]

The other skein is still on the exhaust bath, but I was so excited that I decided to blog this [still wet] one first! So please come back later to see the other skein!

These natural dyes are done as food for my soul and are not for sale. I have no idea of the colourfastness and will only be checking it in a few weeks time. After I have checked them, I will swap them for other Waldorfish Homeschool bits and bobs, so let me know if you are keen on any of the colours


Tammy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! A VERY good use for a stinky weed! ;)

Lindy said...

What plant is it? It looks familiar...

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