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Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Red Indian

Thomas is getting a Red Indian Waldorf Doll for his sixth birthday from me and a set of hand turned wooden skittles from Kalla. He is so excited...

He has watched me cut the cotton cloth, sew it, shape it, stuff it with wool fleece and make its heart. The heart is a rose quartz wrapped in fleece and enclosed it an embroidered felt heart.

Quartz is great, it is used in quartz watches to keep the time constant, so this doll will have a constant heart beat. Cool heh!

I have not sewn up the one arm, I want to add the heart in once I have finished the doll. So now I need to make the wig, hair, clothes and bow and arrow set.

Watch this space... more pictures to come...


Linda said...

Oh wow, you are so clever, your doll is perfect!!


Carle said...

Thanks Lu, but I think the eyes are a little to close together.

RunninL8 said...

I just love making those dolls. And what a fantastic idea with the heart! Lucky kiddo!

I feel a doll comin' on!

Amber Cardozo said...

Oh the doll looks great. Should be very happy with that.
Just lovely.

Take care

Nicole said...

looks so cute! i love the heart with quartz idea!!

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