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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Yarn Addictions

I am mesmerized by banana yarn, it is so soft silky and luxurious.

This week I bought a 100g skein of Banana Yarn. The yarn is ideally knitted on a 6mm needle and it is a dense yarn so 1 skein = approx 70m.

I searched the net for info and patterns, and I was really pleased to find pictures of the harvesting and spinning process. I also found free 1 link for a bag pattern and another link for bag, stole and scarf patterns for sari silk remnants, that is spun in the same communities in Nepal.

I think I want to knit a hooded cowl with my skein and some hand dyed bamboo. I knitted a beautiful sample and discovered that my tension is 17 sts to 10 cm. While my brain was working away as a furious speed, Thomas was discovering the joy of a well draping skein! Well he has good taste......


Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

OH I am falling in love with this yarn too!!! And I still have some bamboo yarn to make something with. It is SOOO FUN to use different yarns. I could never tire of knitting the same thing over and over because I just love the experience of the different yarns and colors! - Kristie

Carle said...

Erm.... I guess I had better post you your package!!!! LOL!!! Im so slack, well at least you forgive me for my disorganisation!

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