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Thursday, 08 May 2008

Visiting the Fire Station

The really cool Fire Engine...

Getting dressed for a building fire. Tough Max arrived ready for the action ;-)

The fire hose ~ Each child got a chance to hold the fire hose and to switch it on and off. Thomas thought that they were watering the plants, he loves plants! :-)

Oliver was so excited to sit in the fire engine....hereheis saying"hello mommy" sigh.... so sweet

Caleb,Hannah and the new friends we made today. :-)

The group photo!


natalieL said...

Great photos Carle! what a great day. A pity the 'education fireman' wasn't so instructive but otherwise a fun outing.

Linda said...

Hi Carle

This must have been so much fun! My two little boys would love this to bits if they visited a fire station!



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