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Monday, 05 May 2008

Our Lipbalm Recipe

We had a great day making lip balm. It was really easy, we melted the following ingredients in a glass bowl floating in a larger bowl of boiling water ~

2 Tablespoon Bees wax
7 Tablespoon Jojoba Oil [or you can use Olive oil - thanks Kristie]
1 teaspoon honey
1 drop essential oil

Oliver points out his favourite ingredient. We bought the jojoba oil from Camphill Village yesterday and the lavender essential oil is from a very small lavender field in the midlands meander that we visited on our 3 week holiday last year.

Thomas pressed the honey out while Oliver did quality control. erm....

Thomas is fascinated with the alphabet at the moment, he is constantly in auto-learning mode.

We used unprocessed bees wax straight from the honey room. It had honey in it so we used a little less honey. The jojoba oil is such a lovely golden colour .

Here is our bottle of yummy lip balm that is a low environmental impact product. The bottle is a recycled pro-biotic jar, so this is a double score.

My discoveries over the last 2 days have highlighted the necessity to make my own skin care range.

The products available commercially have very little regard for the long term health and environmental effects.

The use of these products also feeds the large corporation wheel, which is also bad. So I urge you all to make your own products.

Next I want to make more soap so that I have stock for the year ahead.

Then I want to learn to make
1] A heel balm [I love going barefoot on the farm]
2] Anti wrinkle cream [erm... My age is marking my face]
3] Shampoo
4] sigh... anything else that can help me lower my carbon footprint.

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