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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Nature study walk

Today we decided to do a nature study [Homeschooling does not know when it is Sunday!] We loaded up a blanket, our nature study books, crayons and pencils then went walking in our lane.
Thomas found a spider [yawn], but on Kristies advice I decided to focus on spiders. So we sat down and drew the spider.
Oliver scribbled for a while and then began to pick wheat. I'm not sure if he tried to draw a spider, but this could have been one....
Thomas diligently finished his work then we all picked wheat together. His picture is of a big yellow tree with spiders on the end of the branches, I love the leaves. So Sweet!
Thomas was disgusted with my drawing. According to him, the spider was in a crease in the tree and I drew it as if it was living in our house. So I quickly included a leaf. To which he asked "Mommy, where do you see a leaf like that? I cant." Mmmm I think he believes himself to be the teacher. LOL I did consider asking him where the yellow tree is :-)
Well I definitely am not artist, in fact my pictures are quite silly. But I know my silly work inspires some of you to also draw with your kids. It is a great gift to give your children, the freedom of artistic expressionism.

Interestingly, we found two stick insects on the wheat. They were both brown but looked quite different. I was amazed to see life in the old and dry wheat field. But the stick insect study got really exciting when we came home. While eating a apple and drinking a glass of water on the back steps, Oliver squealed with delight, he found a huge stick insect. This is the most beautiful stick insect I have ever seen. He is also the biggest stick insect I have ever seen. Here he is ....

He was green and white striped with the most amazing tail. Can you see the tail?

I love the next picture ... The shadow is amazing.


Jackie said...

That stick bug is SO cool!!!!!! I wish we had them around here!
I love your picture! (and the boy's pictures)
I would LOVE to try more bread recipes. Could you, please, send it along to me? Thanks, Carle!!

Poppy & Mei said...

Everything about this post is wonderful! Xxx

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