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Friday, 01 February 2008

Sand Candles

Thanks Kristie for this great idea... Here is how Olli and I made a sand candle.

Wet some sand or soil [sand creates a smoother look while soil looks more organic]
Then gently push your shape [I used a Pesto Princess bottle]into the soil to the desired depth.

Lift out the shape
Tie your wick around a stick and then cut it to the depth of you mould.
Pour your melted beeswax into the sand mould [try not to mess like I did -LOL]
Reposition the stick with the wick into position.

Lastly...Leave over night to set.
NB...If you disturb it to soon it will ruin the project.

I'm not blessed with patience so Oliver and I checked it was cool and dug it out. Oliver had helped me through out the process so he was delighted to hold the lit candle. Oh what an angelic photo, I love my baby boy...

Here is what it looks like after one supper.

2nd Feb, we had friends arround for a candle lit garden supper and ate lots of round foods. The best was the roasted camerbert topped with a homemade Honey and raspberry sauce. Yum

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Tracy said...

Such beautiful photos! I'm going to try to take a photo in the dark with the candles glowing ... not sure if my camera will like that idea though ;o)

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