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Monday, 28 January 2008

A Scorpion on our farm

Here are the pictures of the scorpion that we found in our pool

Parabuthus granulatus [all glorious 8cm of it]

In the next picture you can clearly see that the tail is thick and the pincers are thin. Thick tailed/thin pincered scorpions are dangerous, they do not need pincers to hold their prey as they kill them with their venom. [mmmm]

Interesting facts:
This specie [in a 5 yr period] has resulted in 42 stings and 4 fatalities. There is a specific venom for them and is vital to seek treatment.
Of the 42 stings almost all were at night, on sand, on the foot. [guess I will wear shoes at night and stick to the grass!]
This scorpion results in more medical emergencies than snakes.
It is found in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Namibia.
It takes 30min to 4 hours for the first signs of the venom to start taking affect.

For more info/pictures go to this site

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