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Saturday, 27 October 2007

Olivers party and leaving AlbertFalls

Well this was a great day for the kids. Its fantastic that children can have such fun in the midst of chaos! This train track is much bigger that the Cape Town track and has a water bridge and a tunnel. Oliver was so excited that the train was red!

Each of the rides is approx 10min so Karl and I each went once while the boys went twice.

Let me tell you what happened why we were in a state. We woke up to discover that neither the car battery or caravan battery worked any more! This meant that we needed to by a battery before the shops closed [12:00 on a Saturday in this area]This of course is easy except that the shops were far and we had promised that boys a train ride which was arround the corner. The main concern was that we were now heading into the Transkei and needed to know that our car would be reliable.

So never a dull moment...we packed up, push started the bakkie and went for the train ride. All the while the car was idling in the parking lot. [mmm cant lock a car with keys in the ignition] After all this it was close to 12:00 so we rushed to Pietermaritzburg, bought a battery and then headed for the Wild Coast!!! We decded to sleep in Kokstad so that we could head into the Transkei with fresh eyes. The big warnning that we kept getting was "watch out for cows,goats, children and potholes!" mmm this should have been enough of a warning but NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO there is nothing that THE DEHNINGS cant see of do! So of we went for an adverture of a lifetime!

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