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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Goats Milk

What a great week it has been. Our goat Fern gave birth to 1 female and Baby gave birth to three boys. Fern has had so much extra milk that we have been able to milk her. Karl is so excited, he loves the creamy milk. And Oliver has been loving the milk, he's been drinking glass after glass.

Its great to think that this is another way that we have managed to be environmentally responsible. That is, no buying of over processed milk in plastic bottles. Although this week I discovered that Fair Cape do a free range milk. Its worth reading their packaging, they even have plans to convert their methane gas, a bi-product of milking [?] into electricity. Well done to them, this may be a marketing strategy, but is works for the earth so I'm impressed.

I still think that the best free range milk is the milk from your own goat. Goats milk is so much healthier for the children.

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